Monday, August 1, 2011

Nicola Roberts' Lucky Day official preview will start your week off right - listen now!

If this one isn't top 10 I'll bleach everything I swear

One of our readers, whom we shall call "Ray" because that is his actual name, recently opined that we have been prone to hyperbole in a few of our posts. Fully accepting that, on occasion, this might be the case, as an experiment we are putting up the following official preview of Nicola Roberts' forthcoming single without fanfare or praise.

Instead, we are forgoing our usual overzealous handwringing by posting of the new 'Lucky Day' snippet without taking sides, or calling it PHENOMNUTS or whatever word we came up with during a Xanax and TheraFlu binge, or screaming at you in caps lock about how it is a terrifyingly excellent gift to humanity sent down from the heavens to reward us for not making Rebecca Black's new single a hit.

It has some vocals by Nicola, some words and music by Dragonette, and is out officially on September 18 for download and physical purchase in the UK.  And that is all we are going to say about it, because we are fully committed to giving our readers non-biased, fact based information that is not tainted by our personal opinion.

And because if you all don't realize it is F*CKING AMAZING on your own then you have no business calling yourselves pop fans.