Thursday, March 3, 2011

Sky Ferreira has great 'Sex' - listen to the premiere now!

This is my hipster bathtub
Sky Ferreira gives us some BIG-ASS MUSICAL WOOD, if you haven't picked up on that by now.  If anyone should be the NEXT BIG THING it should be this little pop strumpet, who rocks the street cred Madonna had back in the early 80's and the looks Gaga would kill for.  Sky's got that uber-hip Meatpacking district look going on, has some serious musical chops, and is pretty much Mary-Kate Olson but, you know, with talent.

Her new track - currently offending the obese heart of America in a series of CK ads - is an 80's retrofest of the best kind, with synths and drum breaks galore.  Sky's output has been a little scattered so far, as her handlers try to decide what direction to take the starlet in, and she's been testing the waters with a variety of very different sounding buzz tracks.  Though she hasn't managed any real chart success yet, her electro masterpiece 'One' (her UK debut) bowled over the critics, while her more mainstream fare (her American releases) have met with a resounding "meh" from pretty much everyone.  So hopefully the upcoming official release of 'Sex Rules' signals a definitive turn toward the 80's electro sound, since no one is particularly interested in having another Ke$ha foisting pestilence upon the world. 

The track doesn't come anywhere near the brilliance of 'One,' but is a nice enough tune with a summery vibe, and should act as a great soundtrack to the return of warmer weather. Now if she could just get that damn album out without it being delayed...again.