Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Passion Pit have put out a nice song called 'To Kingdom Come'

Ok so it's hardly world-shattering and fits nicely in the 'great to listen to for now but will end up buried in my iTunes never to be heard again' category, but in truth 'To Kingdom Come' is quite a good little ditty. The bonus points for the steampunk-tinged video bring it up to a solid score. Passion Pit consist of a number of people with difficult-to-pronounce names and hail from Cambridge, Massachusetts and if you want to know more you can go to their Wikipedia page just like we did.

Out now on French Kiss Records in the US and Columbia in the UK

Madonna has a Celebration all over Jesus in her new video

Here, finally, is Madge-mantis' video for 'Celebration' and it is delightfully dancing-Oakenfold-free while being crotch-touching-heavy. There is making out, there is nudity, there are designer clothes. In short it is everything a Madonna video should be. The plot is something like 'Madonna is dancing because music is a CELEBRATION and then she is making out with Jesus because making out is a CELEBRATION and people are wearing stylish things because fashion is a CELEBRATION and then the video ends and the celebration is over.'

Well done.

Yes. Well done indeed.

Whitney goes a little less crack and a little more meth and poppers

Whitney's official comeback single gets the remix treatment, and I think we all know that the result is amazing. Even as the song languishes on the charts, at least it will be blasting out of the speakers at all the gays' rooftop parties this Labor Day...

The single is out now...not that anyone noticed