Tuesday, August 4, 2009

The new Mariah album will be even tackier than expected

Mariah's label is hoping that her tunes sell more than just sex and earplugs. Apparently her new album 'Memoirs of an Imperfect Angel' (don't get me started again) will include a 34-page booklet with advertisements for things like champagne (because Mariah fans love to drink) and the Bahamas (because they like to drink in beautiful tropical places). The plan is part of the effort to bring the Majors back into the black, but there's something a little disturbing about the whole thing. This month's Billboard magazine has more, or check out digitalspy's article here

A very important message:

Metric continues to put out mind-blowingly good songs even though no one is listening.

Please start listening. Thanks.

Pretty colors, random imagery and an AMAZING song

Simian Mobile Disco have a new single out and it's called 'Audacity of Huge.' It's one of those 'dance music for people who don't like dance music' songs that really is dance music but is also indie and pop and several other things. For our purposes we just care that it is very very good.

Ms. Imbruglia is Wild About It

The video for Natalie's buzz track 'Wild About It' just surfaced and it's a cute tongue-in-cheek affair accompanying a so-so tune. ScopiSat was expecting a bit more, what with all the anticipation and lead-up to the impending 'Imbruglia Re-Launch,' but maybe the first proper single will blow us away. Until then here's a slightly above average song with an admittedly quite fun video. If anything she's showing us a bit more personality. Lets hope that's a good thing...

It only costs £1 to take a ride on Kylie

London has been blessed with a more appealing form of transit, as the Kylie bus rolled into service. The whole thing is just a giant ad for the pricey Tous jewelry she's peddling but I think we can all agree there are worse reasons to end up on the side of a bus.