Tuesday, May 17, 2011

JoJo is back and is exactly like Robyn now apparently - listen to the ACTUALLY AMAZING 'The Other Chick' now

"My new song is very, very good."
The last time we wrote about JoJo she was swimming in an abyss of contract disputes and album delays, but somehow was still able to "accidentally leak" the rather phenomenal 'Forever In My Life.'  We raved about the song at great length, and lamented the fact that her career had stalled just at the point when she decided to be actually good. 

Well, it seems that JoJo's clouds are parting (Eds: that sounds gross, please change) because not only has her new track hit the interwebs, but it sounds VERY SIMILAR TO A SONG THAT COULD BE A NUMBER ONE SINGLE.  Let us examine the evidence supporting this conclusion:

1.  It sounds like Robyn
2.  It is a song by an artist who was once a child but is now NO LONGER A CHILD and accordingly it is grown up sounding but without being all up itself and snooty.
3.  It sounds like Robyn
4.  It is 80's but also NOW and also classic and timeless and will probably sound very good live.  (Note: call someone about making sure that this gets performed live)
5.  See numbers 1 and 3.

The Other Chick - JoJo (Final) by HDMI44