Thursday, November 18, 2010

The new Taio/Kylie video is one big, moody BMW ad - watch the premiere now!

"If we just keep smiling they'll never know which one of us farted"
Let's just get this out of the way - this song ('Higher') isn't particularly great or groundbreaking, and the video is even less so.  But each are still far more than adequate, and all parties involved should be very proud for managing to look airbrushed without LOOKING AIRBRUSHED. 

As we've said before, though, average Kylie equates to above average anyone else, so we're not complaining.

Having established the foregoing, we are left with the burning question of EXACTLY HOW MUCH MONEY BMW paid for this spot.  Our guess is in the mid-six-figures, but we could be way off the mark.

We also should note that Taio and Kylie never actually touch or really interact, because while the Taio/K-mo track will be released worldwide (it's already topping charts in Australia), the U.S. version (not North American - Canada is getting Kylie too, leaving the U.S. the only odd man out) will feature something called a Travie McCoy whom we just found out is not a woman.  Presumably, then, the video will be re-cut to include the Travie thing in place of Kylie, but - and again we're presuming - doing different things than Kylie so the video doesn't seem GAY which would be TERRIBLE.

The Kylie version is out worldwide January 16

EDIT:  does anyone else feel like they were building up to a BIG EPIC DANCE BREAK and then ran out of time and said 'eh, let's just throw some more shots of the cars in there instead'?