Friday, August 7, 2009

a ROBOT that makes MUSIC

As the headline indicates this post is about a ROBOT that makes MUSIC. Its name (as robots tend to eschew gendered identities) is the VX-323 and it is AMAZING, not only because it is a robot that makes music but because the music is also very good. It is often best to let artists describe themselves, so here's the 'About Me' from VX's Myspace: "I am the VX-323: singer, songwriter, musician. My main function is as a speech synthesizer. I speak many languages in many voices, and can keep a beat. My interests and passions are many and varied - including electronic device/robot rights issues, technology, and the FUTURE. Although a serious artist, I am not too serious to appreciate the bling, DC devices, and high energy charges I will get when I become famous. "


Kylie update from Denmark

It's only a few weeks now until Kylie hits the U.S. for the first time (AMAZING), and here are some pics via her official website of her performing in Denmark. They are very small. But so is Kylie so it all works out.

Whitney struggles through a pretty fun song

The whole Whitney comeback train suffered a setback with that messy ballad she put out first, but this new, Alicia Keys-penned disco-y track is a lot more fun. What's up with the voice though? Crack kills, kids.

Hits radio in the US Aug 17