Monday, September 21, 2009

The Sugababes lineup changes but as long as About a Girl comes out we'll be fine

Really girls, this is getting a bit ridiculous. Now that Keisha's out (leaving Amelle, Heidi and new member Jade Ewen), there isn't a single original member left. We, for one, can't imagine not feeling cheated in the future by anything released by the 'Sugababes.' It's a bit like if Armani sold the brand name to Wal-Mart or Asda or something and expected us to think nothing really changed, when in reality the new clothes are all poly-blend and the sizes run very, very big.

Just put this out and be done with it.

Alexandra Burke's 'Bad Boys' video has dancing and cars and singing

...and it is very good. Who knew she could dance?

Out October 9th on Syco