Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Frankmusik and Colette Carr have "No ID" in their new duet - listen now!

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Oh, Frankmusik.  How awesome he is, and how underappreciated he remains.  And also hot.  But mostly underappreciated. 

His last single, 'Do It In The AM,' despite being one of the better jams we've heard recently, didn't make a dent in the charts either in the US or his homeland of the UK.  It remains, however, one of our most-played iPod tracks of the last year, which should be some consolation to Mr. musik, as we generally have VERY GOOD TASTE.

With only a couple weeks to go until his sophomore album's launch, Frankie's decided to put out a decidedly more mellow track for the LP's second single.  But in true Frankmusik fashion, it's a "dance ballad" with SYNTHS and BEATS and AWESOMENESS oozing from every bar.  It's a duet with a thing called Colette Carr, a rapper/singer who lists her influences as Led Zepplin, Dr. Dre, and Britney Spears (we get it, you're super meta and eclectic) and has topped Billboard's ridiculously-named "Uncharted Artists" chart. It's also pretty damn good.

Will the song turn around Frankmusik's fortunes on the singles countdown?  Not likely - though we do predict his album will shift a respectable number of copies due to his popularity on "the blogs" and such.  It's a real shame he hasn't broken through, though, as the pop world could really do with an epic superstar spouting off things like:

"...I've finessed the songwriting, the songs are a lot more punchy. They're a bit more concise. So when people are gonna say it isn't me, "Frankmusik sold out," I'll just say "No, Frankmusik got more fucking concise," and they can suck a dick."

That's right, Frankie.  They can all go suck a dick.  And we'll just keep on enjoying your music.

Frankmusik - "No I.D." feat. Colette Carr by Interscope Records