Thursday, October 6, 2011

Florence + The Machine 'Shake It Out' in the new video - watch now!

Florence did not react well when shown a mirror.
So Steve Jobs died last night and we're kind of really sad about it.  He was awesome, visionary, groundbreaking, and also TOTALLY A HOT PIECE OF ASS back in the day. 

Oh, the things he could do to us with that apple...
 But the thing we appreciate Jobs most for is his uncanny sense of how to make things do exactly what they needed to but also look elegant and classy.

Which is why we're talking about him in this post.  Not just because we were looking for ANY EXCUSE to laud the man, but also because the new Florence + The Machine video is a great example of something that does just what we want it to, but is classy as f*ck as well.

FloMo has always had a bit of bite to her, and a sort of wildness, like she was raised in the woods and didn't even see an indoor toilet until a few months ago.  But she also has a polish and sheen to her, which in the age of Ke$ha is an accomplishment in itself. 

Not Steve Jobs.

Flo's two sides shine through on almost every one of her songs.  New track, 'Shake It Out,' is the one that will officially launch the new Florence LP, and, as per usual, encapsulates both faces of Miss F.  It's certainly got an edge, but also has a soft underbelly.  The video, for its part, is gorgeous in its own way.  It's beautiful, classy, and streamlined, but also sexy and carnal at the same time, what with its masked orgies and all.

It's pretty much a home-run of style and substance, but whether it will sell like her past tracks is yet to be seen.  The song is knocking around the lower reaches of the UK top 20 at the moment, but we have a feeling no one will really care as long as the album sells bucketloads.  And it will.

For the moment though, before all the chart positions come rolling in, we can all sit back and enjoy a great tune by a great pop star in a great video.  It's shiny, pretty, sexy and tantalizingly restrained. 

And it'll look great on our iPad.