Wednesday, November 17, 2010

FREE DOWNLOAD - Lykke Li's gonna 'Get Some' in new video - watch the premiere now and get the single for FREE!

Are you a music lover that likes your pagan ritualism mixed with 60's go-go dancing and beachwear?  If you are, then have we got the video for you!

The ALL NEW, ALL SWEDISH Lykke Li video is all of the above things, with the added bonus of being shot in ACTUAL BLACK AND WHITE - the film of choice for such music video classics as Madonna's 'Oh Father' and EYC's 'Feelin Alright' (Look it up.  It's pretty brilliant).  

'Get Some' is a clusterbomb of percussion and punchy vocals, in a kind of Moloko-meets-Florence and the Machine way, and hopefully signals that there are good things to come from Lykke's forthcoming album.  And if it doesn't, well, we'll always have the black and white.


The single is out now for FREE DOWNLOAD, with the album to follow early next year.