Thursday, March 25, 2010

Monica isn't as irrelevant as we thought - watch the new video from her surprisingly high-selling album now!

I don't think anyone expected this Monica resurgence to actually work out.  Even the marketing and the promotion had a distinct "this sounded better when we were high and watching a VHS of the VH1 pop up video of 'The Boy Is Mine' " feel to it.  But sometimes a MOR ballad and a flaccid press campaign can produce a winner, apparently, as Monica's new album 'Still Standing' is on track to sell 165,000 - 180,000 copies this week.  If anybody told you they were expecting that they are lying or are Monica's immediate family.

Amid that bit of surprisingly good news, the singer has debuted the video for above-mentioned MOR single, 'Everything To Me,' and it is about as shocking as the song.  Even so, well done, Monica.  Your new stuff may bore the hell out of us but it's still nice to see you back.