Sunday, May 8, 2011

Kelly Rowland's 'What A Feeling' video gives us quite the feeling

"...and now it's MY B'Day"
In a kind of insane twist of fate, this week finds Kelly Rowland's weeks-old U.S. single 'Motivation' sitting a full five spots above former bandmate Beyonce's one-week-old lead single 'Girls.'  Sure, 'Motivation' is only at #43 (while 'Girls' is languishing at #48) but to be completely fair that's about 100 places higher than either track deserves.  Because they are shit.

While Kelly's fans Stateside got the ironically de-motivational R&B turd, though, everywhere else is getting the far-superior 'What A Feeling,' which continues Miss Rowland's string of RATHER GOOD DANCE ANTHEMS.  It's already scaling the charts over in Europe, and it goes without saying that the gays are FIRMLY ON BOARD, so the only thing left for our Kelly to do is invest $12 in a video that no one will care about but will "get the job done."

And that's exactly what has happened, with somewhat surprisingly good results.

A few things to note:

1.  Even though this is a dance song, Kelly is still URBAN because there is GRAFFITTI
2.  Alex Gaudino looks like a douchebag and probably is
3.  Kelly can now dance rather well, and whoever she worked with needs to receive some sort of industry award because - as anyone who has seen Kelly do anything can attest to - THIS HAS NOT ALWAYS BEEN THE CASE
4.  Seriously.  Douchebag.