Friday, April 30, 2010

Christina unveils her 'Not Myself Tonight' video, and we don't hate it - watch the premiere!

We previously wrote about how Xtina's new track was a bit 'Sexyback-lite,' and went on to say generally not positive things about it.  There are of course some brilliant bits, and she's got a mighty nice set of pipes, but the deafening buildup to the track rendered it nearly impossible to appreciate on its own merits.  Luckily the video has surfaced, and gives us a few shiny new praises to heap upon Ms Aguilera's already over - Bedazzled heap of comeback press.

It's pretty, futuristic in a sort of retro sense, and it also sort of is a blatant ripoff of Madonna's 1989 'Express Yourself' clip in the way that people run out of ideas and then decide to fix it all by "paying tribute" to some creation that nobody doubts would be better off left alone. 

All in all, though, it's the best Christina has looked in years (read: ever) and she certainly pulls off the whole glossy shebang with the ease and style of a true professional. 

"Well done."

Out for download now in the US, and available May 2 in the UK.