Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Last night we heard VV Brown's forthcoming album and this is what it is like

One of these people bought their nails at Walgreens.
Last night we were lucky enough to be invited to the VV Brown listening party for her new album (which comes out in early 2012).  It was also her birthday party so there was some cake and also some cute lollipops with "VV Brown" written on them that looked like this:
Also she is very pretty in person and even though we're relatively certain she was wearing a weave, her nails were fantastic and she bought them at Walgreens.

The listening party was part of music blogger extraordinaire Arjan's ARTIST #TALK series, where artists come  Also they play music and some other things happen, but mostly it's a bunch of INFLUENTIAL TASTEMAKERS walking around talking about their blogs and chugging Prosecco from the open bar.
Lots of Prosecco.

It was a nice little soiree at Dylan's Candy Bar on the upper East side of NYC and despite being surrounded by carbs for most of the evening we had QUITE THE TIME OF IT.

Here is what we discovered:

1. VV Brown is amazing
2. Her favorite songs to record on the new album were "Famous" and "Fire" because she likes the letter F very much and also because those songs are very good.
3. She wishes she had written 'Bohemian Rhapsody' but she did not
4. The new album has lots of songs on it.
5. At least one of the songs is fast.
6. At least one of them is slow.
7. The slow one is essentially about sex and having sex and how good sex feels, and features VV having a vocal orgasm about 2/3 of the way through.
8. Another of the songs is midtempo and showcases VV getting "gangsta" and is very good, albeit in a not-at-all-a-single sort of way.  
9. VV Brown is amazing.

Here is VV listening to a song and looking pensive:
"I am pensive"

 And here is VV blowing out candles on her cake:
See?  Weave.

The whole thing was very nicely done and despite some sound issues and the fact that no one in the back could hear anything except once when VV Brown got upset talking about "The Other 99%", it was a great evening to showcase what is a VERY GOOD RECORD.

VV also played her new single 'Children,' (which sounds like this:)

and gave everyone in attendance free copies of a remix package (read: the above track but WITH A DONK ON IT) which tells us that her label is looking to break the US market at least partially through "the clubs" and such and accordingly all the gays will be hearing quite a lot more from her on their drunken nights out this winter.

Which is amazing.

Thanks to VV, Arjan, HP, Dylan's Candy Bar, and Capitol Records for a great night out.