Monday, January 24, 2011

Avril Lavigne says 'What The Hell' in new video - watch the premiere now!

"I can TOTALLY go two weeks without washing it, right?"
We always know a video is going to be good when it says the person's name in big letters at the beginning.  We imagine it's because there is some sort of approval process, where the artist sits down and says "ok that was alright, but I'm not putting my name in big letters at the beginning because it's not THAT good" and then the dejected crew cancel their plans, go off and add some special effects, post-produce out some wrinkles and cellulite, and then the artist says "hurrah, now I love it, here's a giant stamp of my name in a super special font that I had made at Kinkos" and everyone goes home happy.

Even if that's not what happens, it still holds true that videos with the artist's name at the beginning in big letters are, as a rule, 35% better than videos without it.  And Avril's new clip is no exception. 

Any regular ScopiSat reader knows that we pretty much hate Avril Lavigne, and it QUITE VEXES US when she puts out stuff like 'Girlfriend' or, in this case, 'What The Hell,' because it's difficult to truly despise someone while you're nodding your head to their tune.  But whatever, life is hard, and we just have to deal with it.

For the video to the aforementioned 'Hell,' Miss Lavigne has pulled out all the stops, thrown on her best emo makeup, her Hot Topic fingerless gloves, and F*CKING GONE TO TOWN.  Quite literally, in fact.  She wakes up with some hottie, does some things, crashes a cab, and then gallavants around the city while a very good song plays and she mouths along.  In short, it's an extremely adequate video, and in this day and age that's really all anyone can ask. 

You win this round, Lavigne.