Saturday, November 14, 2009

Lady Gaga's 'Fame Monster' album sampler! (video)

Gaga's 'Fame Monster' album (released in the US as a standalone, and in the UK as a double disc with The Fame) isn't out for another couple of weeks, but now we can all hear snippets of every one of the new tracks. If anyone had any doubts (who could be that stupid) about the clips should put them pretty well to rest.


Mariah Carey's "I Want To Know What Love Is" video is here and no one cares (full video)

It is FINALLY here, the moment you've all been waiting for! The new Lady Gaga video is out! Also Mariah Carey has released this snooze-fest for her new single. In it a cross-section of urban America watches (interracial couples! gay couples!) as Mariah sings to them with her dead, dead eyes.

Mariah's new album is out now in the US and out Nov 23 in the UK