Monday, June 20, 2011

Britney looks GOOD in her RATHER AMAZING 'I Wanna Go' video - watch the preview now!

I'm coming for you, Gaga
When we first saw the preview for Brit's new video our expectations were pretty low.  If the single artwork was anything to go on, we reasoned, we were about to get some low-budget crapfest with lots of closeups of Britney's eyes or just her boob flopping around rhythmically for 4 minutes or something.  So you can imagine our surprise when the preview ended up being A LITTLE BIT SPECTACULAR.

Our initial thought upon seeing Britney's newly toned bod was "damn," and it only got better from there.  The microphone trick, the filming style, the distinct sense of "THIS IS HOW A VIDEO SHOULD BE DONE..."

We are very, very pleased, ScopiSubjects.  If Gaga thought she had won the pop diva battle she was obviously sorely mistaken.  Brit has certainly come out swinging - swinging a studded microphone, no less - and one gets the feeling it would be.....unwise... to count her out.

There are a few things in particular that make this preview amazing, and they are, in ascending order of amazingness:

1. Britney's abs
2. The marquee that advertises "Crossroads 2: Cross Harder"

So welcome back, everyone, to a world where Britney puts out amazing videos.