Wednesday, July 13, 2011

The Sound Of Arrows are back with a new video for a genius song

"We are Swedish. Bork Bork Bork."
We are obsessed with Sound of Arrows.  They are kind of a modern day Enigma but hipper and a bit more pop.  Which means they are amazing.

We first fell in love with them after they put out 'Into The Clouds' last year, which is basically the exact track you'd want your friends to play if you were having a really bad LSD trip and needed to CHILL THE F*CK OUT, YOU GUYS, I'M SERIOUS but also the kind of track that, when pumped through some ridiculously oversized hipster headphones, makes a nice stroll down the street infinitely nicer.  Though they've been relatively quiet since (their major label debut, buzz single 'Nova', didn't chart), our excitement over the Swedish duo's work hasn't faded.  AND RIGHTLY SO.

Their new track 'Magic' continues their streak of brilliant tunes, but ups the stakes by pairing it with an unexpectedly gorgeous short film.  And gorgeous really is the word for the whole project.  The song sounds like nothing that's out there right now, the film looks like nothing that's out there right now (think the Narnia film series if they used a lot more pink and also were, you know, GOOD) and the whole vibe of the project is just really super awesome and stuff. 

The track is out August 1st and the video looks like this:

Thank you, Sound of Arrows.  Thanks.