Wednesday, October 6, 2010

"Raise A Glass" to Pink's BRAND NEW SINGLE - listen to the premiere now!

Pink is rad for a lot of reasons.  For sticking around the pop scene this long, for telling "the suits" to go f*ck themselves, for continually striving to be better at her craft, for being named Pink, and most importantly, for 'Just Like A Pill.'

After 5 studio albums, it's high time she put out a greatest hits record, and this November she will do just that.  A week prior, however, will see the release of 'Raise A Glass,' the Max Martin-ified lead single from the collection and is one of three brand new tracks.  It's all Pink-y guitars and drums and rockiness, but we're not 100% sold yet.  Luckily, though, even mediocre Pink is still better than most pop music out there, so we'll take whatever we can get.

P- Raise Your Glass by whyyelloww