Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Natalia Kills is going to 'Kill My Boyfriend' - listen now!

This is what the cover of a very good album looks like
Natalia Kills is like Gaga back when she had fun doing what she does.  Which is exactly why we love her.  Also she's British, and if Girls Aloud and Sophie Ellis Bextor have taught us anything it's that when it comes to pop, BRITISH IS ALWAYS BETTER. 

She's been putzing around her homeland for a good few months, building up quite a buzz, and now has her sights set on the US market.  While her debut LP 'Perfectionist' is already out in a few European territories, the BIG MOMENT comes today when it's released in the US and UK, with a few new tracks to boot.  Amazing new tracks.  Like this one:

Natalia Kills - Kill My Boyfriend [Preview] by CherrytreeRecords

It is called 'Kill My Boyfriend' and is about killing Natalia's boyfriend.  And it is VERY GOOD.  Here are three examples of why:

1.  It is happy and jolly but about KILLING SOMEONE
2.  There's a part that just repeats "kill, kill, kill" over again
3.  It was written with Junior Caldera, who has done some very good things for some other very good people, but either hasn't killed anyone or is VERY GOOD at it because he hasn't been caught.

And that's that.

The album's out TODAY in the US.