Monday, May 31, 2010


Yes.  It deserves all caps. 

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Sexy Lee Ryan is back with 'I Am Who I Am' and it is adorable - watch his acoustic performance now!

Lee Ryan, (whose Twitter account makes GREAT PAINS to point out that he is STILL A MEMBER of the superstar boyband BLUE) is stepping up promotion for his forthcoming second album, and if the lead single is anything to go by, it's going to be very very good.  ScopiSat were big fans of his underrated debut track 'Army of Lovers,' a #3 hit in the UK and a #1 in Italy for some reason.  Unfortunately, his next few singles didn't fare as well (#12, #15, and #101...yes, #101), but he is back in a big way for his new LP 'Confessions.'  The kickoff single is a double A-side, with 'I Am Who I Am' and 'Secret Love' getting a simultaneous promo push. 

Here is 'I Am Who I Am,' the far superior of the two tracks, done as a special acoustic performance.  It's already brilliant, but the video makes it much better by the inclusion of a number of photos and video clips of Ryan himself.  He is not difficult to look at, no?

And here is the video for the chav-tastic 'Secret Love.'  Its title is appropriate, since ScopiSat has an actual "secret love" for this song.  No seriously.  Don't tell anyone.  Please.

"An odd combination."

Both singles are out July 4

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Congratulations to Lena for winning Eurovision with 'Satellite' - watch the official video now!

For once Eurovision got it right. They actually chose the best song as the winner, and, in fact, the one ScopiSat wanted to win. Lena is a 19 year old singer, who sings with an inexplicable Cockney accent and for that reason comes off as a sort of brilliant Eurotrash Kate Nash. For that reason there is RIFE SPECULATION (read:  some drunk on Twitter) that she learned English by listening to Lily Allen songs.  If you don't believe us, check out the official video for the German winner:

Lena Meyer-Landrut - Satellite (OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO) from squirrel on Vimeo.


Rihanna gets all saucy in 'Te Amo' music video - watch the premiere now!

We made no big secret of our loathing for Rihanna's new North American single 'Rockstar 101,' but luckily the rest of the world gets 'Te Amo,' the much more palatable jam from the sexy singer.  Sexy, here, is the operable word, as RiRi gets all kinds of lesbo-racy up in her new clip.

Some vital points:
1.  The video is CONTROVERSIAL because there is extended girl-to-girl eye contact and a smattering of lingering hugs
2.  Ri looks great
3.  The 'other girl' looks great
4.  It was shot in France
5.  The song is still kind of crap :(

Out June 11 in Europe/elsewhere

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Mark Ronson is back with a 'Circuit Breaker' - watch the Zelda-flavored video now!

Mark Ronson has been behind some great pop tunes over the last few years, albeit mostly in remake form.  As a BIG PRODUCER OF THE MOMENT though, it's got to be difficult to churn out hits but keep up the edgy innovation that fans and critics expect.  The solution?  Tell them all to f*ck off with a glorified theme tune to an 80's video game.  It's different, it's unexpected, and it's surprisingly...charming.  It's probably not going to set the charts on fire, but still it's a nice diversion. 

Check out the NES-tastic video clip:

Mark's new album 'Record Collection' is out in September

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Who wants to see a clip of the new Kylie video? Watch now!

Finally, after what seems like weeks and months of waiting, we get to see a little preview of what Miss Minogue has in store for her 'All The Lovers' video.  It's sexy, it's steamy, and has lots of flesh to look at.  So, pretty much a win all around...

The track is out for download June 13, with the remix bundle on the 28th digitally and physically

Rihanna's inexplicable 'Rockstar 101' single gets a video - watch the premiere now!

Rihanna's weird trip down the road of 'artistic reinvention' continues, as 'Rockstar 101' becomes her fourth single from Rated R in the States, while international fans get 'Te Amo.'  Are we the only ones who are completely baffled that this track even made it on the album?  Ah well, at least the video is pretty... sort of :(

Hits radio on June 1

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Liza Minnelli shows those young tykes how it's done - watch a brilliantly edited video for her 'Single Ladies' Sex and the City II Soundtrack contribution

Ok hold on, pop readers, because it's about to get really "old school nancy boy" in here...

For all you casual pop fans, the young, and the straight, The Big Gay Book of Pop History goes something like this:

Before there was Madonna.  Before there was Debbie Harry.  Before there was Kylie, or Britney, or yes, even Beyonce....there was a woman named Judy.   She was amazing and did the best movies and hottest music and the most powerful, trendiest drugs.  Then she died and in response all the gays rioted at a bar in New York City and turned her daughter Liza into a LIVING CORPSE LEGEND.

Yes, before all the divas that the pop world worships nowadays were even soiling their diapers, little lady Liza was vomiting up quaaludes in a Studio 54 VIP bathroom.

Liza did all sorts of things - most of them with a 'z' - and was generally very good if you like that sort of thing.  Which we don't really, besides the passing HBO special or PBS retrospective, but that's neither here nor there.  Like her or not, she churned out a quality product.  In fact, she is the proud owner of the acting trifecta: an Oscar, Emmy and Tony.  She kind of went off the rails a bit for a while, but then returned with a genius turn on TV's 'Arrested Development.'  And all the while, she's been singing and dancing her hips right out of their sockets. 

Well, as if to show all us young whippersnappers that she can take ABSOLUTELY ANYTHING and give it jazz hands, sequins, a gay husband and a pill problem, Liza has taken the Sex and the City II soundtrack and made it truly her own.  Leona Lewis duet with Jennifer Hudson?  Meh.  Brand new Dido?  Who cares.  Alicia Keys singing Blondie?  Big deal - Liza is doing 'Single Ladies'!

No matter how many times this track has been run into the ground with remakes and parodies and teenage boys in lycra onesies dancing to it on the Bonnie Hunt show, there's something purely genius about this track.  Add to it someone's LITERALLY BRILLIANT montage video they've done for it, and well.....see for yourself:

Sure, she's clearly white-knuckling it the whole time, and the backing track sounds like the 'demo' feature on a Casio keyboard they only sell in Eastern Europe, but look us in the eye and tell us this didn't totally make your day.  You can't can you?  No, we didn't think so.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Lily Allen and Professor Green's new video 'Be Good To Green' - watch the premiere now!

Lily Allen's retirement from music is going super well.  So well, in fact, that she is STILL MAKING MUSIC.  We're certainly not complaining, as ScopiSat loves them some Lily, but one of these days Miss Allen is going to say 'I'm totally retiring, innit' and we'll all roll our eyes and say 'yeah yeah whatever, let's hear your new single then...' and not even try to stop her because she's cried wolf a few too many times but then she actually will and everyone will be very sad except for all the people that hate Lily Allen.   Anyway here's her new video with Professor Green.  He is not actually a professor :(

Out July 5

Friday, May 21, 2010

Goldfrapp are 'Alive' in new video - watch the premiere now!

Goldfrapp have had a tough time of it lately, as their BIG COMEBACK SINGLE was neither big nor much of a comeback.  Hopefully its lack of success will be just a footnote in the tome of Goldfrapp history, and new track 'Alive' will do what it says on the tin and bring the band back to life.  In all fairness, 'Alive' would have made a much better lead single, as it better showcases the unique 80's flair that the band have taken up.  The Me Decade has been mined by pop acts for the last couple years now, but most have stuck to the obvious synths and guitar stabs that defined the decade on the surface.  'Alive' takes that skin-deep pastiche and does one better, as it mimics the vocal production, harmonies and mastering that ruled the 1980's.

The video.....well it's best we just let you watch it yourselves.  It's suitably 80's, of course, with LASERS and SPANDEX but also a pentagram and Satan for some reason. 

Out June 7

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Eliza Doolittle tells us all to 'Pack Up' in new video - watch now!

We told you about Eliza Doolittle when her last video came out, and had some generally nice things to say about her debut song.  Well she's back with another track, and we're happy to report that it is even better than the last.  'Skinny Genes' was a breezy fun tune but nothing earth shattering, but 'Pack Up' takes it to a new level.  It's not our usual dancefloor poppers-fest, but it's a very well done pop song for those days you want to skip down the street and get looked at because no one skips anymore which is a shame. 

Out June 28, with an album July 5

Monday, May 17, 2010

Who wants to see the new video for Kelly Rowland's storming new dance track? Watch a preview now!

Kelly Rowland looked quite down and out for a while.  Second fiddle to Beyonce after Destiny's Child disbanded, she had a couple decent hits and the pop world readied to put her out to pasture.  Non-charting singles, C-list TV appearances and cruise ship concerts awaited.  Enter David Guetta, who made the soulful singer over into a dance diva, and in the process rejuvenated a career that so easily could have ended with a 'Where Are They Now' camera crew visiting her at a Georgia Wal*Mart.  'When Love Takes Over' became a smash US dance hit, a chart topper worldwide, and served as the sound of the summer for many a slightly fey gentleman. 

That single coincided with her departure with both her manager and her label, and since then Kelly has signed with Universal Motown.  Somebody at their offices knows what they're doing, as Miss Rowland's new direction capitalizes on her newfound club popularity.  'Commander' is a pulsing club banger, again produced by David Guetta, and joins the Kylie and Kelis releases in making 2010 the year dance was well and truly back. 

As songs tend to do, 'Commander' has received a video treatment.  Filmed in the beginning of May, it was directed by Masahahi Muto (behind some very awesome adverts and clips), and it looks to be QUITE GOOD.  One insider said about the clip, ""Kelly’s look in this video is just utterly sexy. It’s like a jungle feel. I feel like we’re in Avatar somewhere, running through the woods, minus the blue paint." 

Check out the preview now - are you looking forward to seeing the finished product?

Out to download tomorrow the 18th of May. 

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Scissor Sisters fight 'Fire With Fire' in new video - watch now!

We're quite liking the Scissor Sisters' reinvention as a less-falsetto-y, less Bee Gees, still camp-as-Christmas rock dance (rance?) collective.  The first single off their new album hits our sweet spot, and though some have decried the fact it's slightly less danceable and a lot less kitsch than previous tracks, ScopiSat thinks it's a great representation of a band that is growing musically.  The video matches this pared-down, more organic sound, trading in the crazy outfits and makeup for a nice, low key tour around New York City. IN A GIANT LIGHT-UP BUS.

Scissor Sisters - Fire With Fire from Blair Cameron on Vimeo.

Out June 20.  Buy please.

Friday, May 14, 2010

The new Kylie is AMAZING - listen to the radio debut now, as we say 'told you so'

I think we can all agree that everything we said up to this point about the Kylie 'All The Lovers' track is very, very true.  


Thursday, May 13, 2010

Ke$ha says 'Your Love Is My Drug' in new video - watch the premiere now!

One of ScopiSat's golden pop rules is "the less said about Ke$ha the better" but - fair warning - we're going to break it today.  The Unwashed One has a new video out for 'Your Love Is My Drug,' and it's actually....watchable.  The world isn't going to stop spinning and we're still not going to excuse her obvious aversion to bathing, but could this signal a new era in ScopiSat's relationship with Ke$ha?  Stay tuned.  We know you are dying to find out.


Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Jennifer Hudson and Leona Lewis duet for Sex and The City II - listen first here!

We love Leona Lewis.  We love Jennifer Hudson.  We love Leona Lewis and Jennifer Hudson.  We also love their new song.  Their new song TOGETHER.

This slow jam is in aid of the Sex And The City II movie that comes out in a matter of days, and although it isn't terribly "AIRPLAY RECORD BREAKING CHART TOPPER" it is still very very good.  What do you think, dear readers?

The soundtrack is out May 25.

Monday, May 10, 2010

A quick thing about how we just heard Kylie 'All The Lovers' in full - our review

So it totally wouldn't be proper for us to share our 'source' with you, but we've just managed to hear Kylie's 'All The Lovers' in its entirety and, in case any of you were worried, it is AS GOOD OR BETTER THAN everyone has been saying.  It's a little old, a little new, and a lot 'I Believe In You' if it was bigger and better and more "hands in the air poppers o'clock." There is a soaring anthemic chorus and ridiculously catchy verses and a part where all the music drops out and Kylie just says things and then everything comes back in and everyone on the dance floor jumps right at that moment and SOMETHING MAGICAL HAPPENS.

Kylie delivers the track to BBC Radio 1 first thing on Friday, May 14, which will go down as a red letter day for pop that will be talked about for generations to come.

Now, we would be really worried about overselling it, but to be honest we're NOT SURE THAT'S ACTUALLY POSSIBLE BECAUSE IT IS AMAZING. 

The end.

The new Katy Perry sounds like a Ke$ha B-Side :( - listen to the premiere of 'California Gurls' now!

We love 'Hot and Cold.'  We really do.  We even liked 'I Kissed a Girl' for a few days back in '08.  And even if 'Waking Up In Vegas' was the aural equivalent of a root canal performed in a back alley, at least Katy Perry's "Katy Perry-ness" came out in it.  Unfortunately that's not something we can say about her new track 'California Gurls' (yes, with a "u" instead of an "i" because she is "hip" and "sTrEeT," and also because that's how she spelled it one day and since she's famous no one wanted to correct her). 

'Gurls' (shudder) does update Perry's sound a bit, adding in the rave-y 90's synths that are becoming all the rage, but at the same time somehow loses any sense of identity in the process.  In fact, if we heard this and didn't have any background or source identification, we'd guess it was a Ke$ha track. 

Still, there are worse things we could be listening to.  There could be a new Black Eyed Peas album, for instance.  Or something from Nickelback.  So we'll take this mediocre slice of crowd-pleasing paint-by-the-numbers pop, but with the hopes that Miss Perry's new album skews a little less obvious, and includes a little more of the personality that made her a star. 

Let's take a little listen, shall we?

Ugh, never mind, it's kind of good. 


Out to radio now, to download soon (the radio date had to be moved up because of leaks so the download date is a bit in limbo), and an album will follow in August.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

STOP EVERYTHING AND LISTEN TO THE NEW KYLIE LEAK - pic from the video set and clip of the song WITH VOCALS!

It was bound to happen, as much as we're sure Kylie's "people" were hoping it wouldn't.  After releasing a tantalizing 30-second vocal-free clip of her new single "All The Lovers," the next big step was to have Miss Minogue hand-deliver the track to Radio 1 on the 14th for its first play.  Lucky us, we don't have to wait that long to get an idea of just how brilliant the song is, thanks to some crafty homosexuals in LA.  Kylie is shooting the music video for the song there on an open set in the middle of the street (see the picture above that indicates that the video will be VERY GOOD), meaning that anyone with a recording device can record the playback of the song.  The result?  Low quality Youtube clips, in which it is ABUNDANTLY CLEAR that "All The Lovers" is the ACTUAL comeback of PROPER KYLIE, for which 'X' was just a warm up.  Not that 'X' wasn't good, mind you, just that, as Kylie has said herself, it wasn't really fully formed and wasn't the vehicle to really relaunch her after her bout with cancer.  Instead, it seems, it was more of a "bridge project" to tide her fans over while she conquered America and set up to be back and bigger than ever. 

Yes.  It's that good.


Saturday, May 8, 2010

Pixie Lott's new video is quite good - watch the 'Turn It Up' premiere now!

ScopiSat has a volatile relationship with Pixie Lott.  On the surface we should totally love her, with her pop sensibility and blond perkiness.  Her first run of singles really hasn't impressed us though, so we kind of forgot she existed.  That all changes with 'Turn It Up,' the fifth (!!) single from her album of the same name.  It's a cute Natasha Bedingfield-esque slice of pop and although it's not going to change the world it's a nice summer jam.

With four top 20 UK singles under her belt already, Miss Lott is turning into one consistent pop star, and if she keeps making songs like this we say bring it on.

The single is out June 7

Friday, May 7, 2010

Kid Sister talks about 'Life On TV' in her new track - listen now!

Kid Sister made a couple splashes already, first with 'Right Hand Hi' and 'Pro Nails' and then with...well, nothing.  That was kind of it.  But still, she's proven herself to be a little bit awesome, and continues that trend with 'Life On TV', her new single from the album 'Ultraviolet.'  It's a fun slice of 80's tinged summer pop, but credible and 'hard' enough that your friends won't make fun of you for listening to it.  Quite simply, it's a good version of Ke$ha if she took a bath.

It's UK iTunes' free track of the week, so head on over and get yourself a free copy! 

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Wilson Phillips are TOTES COMING BACK and we have the proof

Wilson Phillips were amazing.  I know it, you know it, and they know it.  Which is probably why they have made the very wise decision to stage an EPIC COMEBACK and trounce the pithy excuses for girl groups that flash their panties around the clubs these days.  People Magazine reports today that one third of the group, Chynna Phillips, who entered anxiety treatment after her SISTER REVEALED THAT SHE HAD A SEXUAL RELATIONSHIP WITH THEIR FATHER, is back and ready to make some music with weight-loss spokeslady Carnie Wilson, and Wendy Wilson who as far as we know has never really done anything at all. 

Not only is there a tour involved, but a new album, which will be a CHRISTMAS ALBUM because they are always VERY GOOD in that way that Christmas albums are always TERRIBLE. 

In case you need reminding why, exactly, this is a red letter day for pop, here is one reason:

And another reason:

Both of these songs were NUMBER ONE and feature Carnie in SLIMMING POWERSUITS. 


Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Girlicious are a 'Maniac' in new video - watch the new girlband now!

Girlicious are a trio of lingerie models who get autotuned over some beats and a melody to make music.  Usually that's right up our alley, but they come off as a little generic to be honest. In this clip for new single 'Maniac,' the girls all march around and sing and dance and tick all the boxes, but something about it just never really lands on all fours.  Plus, doesn't the one who sings the first verse look like she's FOCUSING REALLY HARD ON NOT FOCUSING ON ANYTHING? 

Girlicious are the latest GENIUS IDEA from the creator of the Pussycat Dolls, thrown together on some CW reality show no one watched, and the single is out sometime soon.  Because we know you're dying to get your hands on it.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Can we just talk about Madonna's 'Interview' cover shoot? Watch the video now!

Rejoice, cougars of the world, for we now live in a time where we can all age in reverse and miraculously appear EXACTLY THE SAME as we did in 1991.  Don't believe us?  Witness the new cover and photo shoot for Madonna-mantis' 'Interview' spread below...

Interestingly, we're also apparently still co-opting Catholic imagery and using it in "sexy ways" as a kind of "fuck you" to the church because they totally don't have any problems or detractors or molestation issues already.

 Anyway, here's Madge and her Golem-arms fellating a crucifix in her Depends.  JUST LIKE IN 1991 except YOUNGER and with the distinct odor of Aspirin and pee.  Our guess is that, in her advanced years, Mantis has literally forgotten that any of this happened before, and one night awoke in her cryo-chamber believing wholeheartedly that the hazy memories in her dementia-riddled mind were actually the seeds of a BRILLIANTLY GROUNDBREAKING IDEA.



Monday, May 3, 2010

The Scissor Sisters are BACK and BETTER THAN EVER with 'Fire With Fire' - watch them perform the new single now!

The music world has been abuzz for a few weeks now about the new Scissor Sisters stuff, and to be honest we here at ScopiSat were a little hesitant.  We always kind of appreciated SS's quirky, campy brand of rock, but never really connected with any of their tracks.  It's always been something of an embarrassment, really, because while "the blogs" and "the gays" all went on and on at length about the genius of the Sisters, we would cower in a corner, cradling our Girls Aloud records and wondering where exactly our upbringing went wrong. 

But hark!  That's all about to change, it seems, as 'Fire With Fire' finds the band exploring a straightforward, glitzed up pop-a-thon that we can TOTES get on board with.  Check out the band performing the new single at NYC's Bowery Ballroom:

It sounds like poppers and shame-sex on a dancefloor, and is therefore AMAZING. 
The single's out June 20.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Listen to an ACTUALLY BRAND NEW LADY GAGA SONG - hear the radio rip now!

Lady Gaga has been milking the hell out of her first album(s) for....a while now.  Sure it's all been brilliant, but still.  In the end, though, she was bound to have to go into the studio again at some point, and it looks like all the Little Monsters the world over have something to be very excited about.  A new track has surfaced, and it is (thankfully) a world away from the RedOne sound that launched her career and has defined pop ever since.  We don't know about you guys, but we are definitely on board with this jam. Straightforward dance with a killer tune, this is the stuff great pop is made of.

Excuse the excessive and super annoying radio tags...if you listen through them you'll hear a really brilliant song.

No word on a release date for any new stuff, but we'll let you know as soon as anything surfaces.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Miley Cyrus 'Can't Be Tamed' but she can sound like everyone else - listen to the new single now

Miley Cyrus, pictured here greeting Sarah Jessica Parker backstage, is back and BIGGER AND BETTER THAN EVER, or so her people would have you believe.  In reality she's just back and a little mediocre.  'Can't Be Tamed' is the brand new single from Miley's upcoming album and while certainly not terrible, it's nothing we haven't heard before.  It could have been a Britney or Christina track from three years ago, or a Rachel Stevens cast-off.  Gone are the guitar-driven tween jams and angsty "he totally said he'd call but he totally didn't because he heard I gave J'Syn a handy-J at the Sonic Burger" attitude, and in its place is an electro swing sound that keeps getting made but has yet to really result in a hit (save for Britney's '3,' but let's be honest here, the threesomes sold that baby not the music) Still, the girl has a certain something that makes the track a little more than just the sum of its parts.  Take a listen and let us know what you think: