Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Who wants a FREE DOWNLOAD of the new Joe Jonas single remix?

This is a picture of two Joe Jonases.  It is also known by the title "the hottest couple in the world."

It has to be tough for a former boybander to break out on his own and fail.  And when the band you were in was as wildly obsessed over as the Jonas Brothers, it must be even harder than usual.  Which is why it must have stung terribly when Joe Jonas took the leap and launched his debut solo single to a resounding 'meh.' Though it's probably somewhat of a consolation to look in the mirror every day and see THAT staring back, but whatever.

Despite being a walking satchel of sex, Joe was unable to turn the seat-wetting fanaticism he incites into any sort of actual chart success, which is unfortunate since his first track 'See No More' actually had the makings of a nice hit.  But it was not to be, as it plodded its way to #92 and disappeared back into the pop abyss from whence it came.

It's not the first time this has happened, of course, and it certainly won't be the last, but if failed popstars have learned anything over the last decade or so of pop culture, it's "if at first you don't succeed, chuck out another song and put a donk on it."  AND DONK IT HE HAS.

Here, in download form, is the RATHER BRILLIANT Jump Smokers Mix of the brand new Joe Jonas single 'Love Slayer.'  It is urgent and energetic, and easily the best thing we've heard from the kid so far.  It might not get him the top 10 single he really needs to take off as a solo star, but we're guessing this jam will be tearing up the clubs in no time.