Friday, April 15, 2011

Listen to a clip of LADY GAGA'S 'JUDAS' before it premieres later today!

are you a good witch or a bad witch
Now that some time has passed, we have decided that 'Born This Way' was pretty crap and all this talk of it being a CLASSIC SONG OF EMPOWERMENT is utter bullshit propogated by the liberal media machine.  The people that love it are the same people who think 'Glee' is a quality show and don't understand why everyone hates Gwyneth Paltrow.

But, as we discussed at length when the track came out, 'Born' was less a reflection on Gaga's "new sound" than it was on her clever choice of a divisive high-impact single.  So it stands to reason that Lady's second single off her sophomore (sort of) album will much better reflect the direction the big G is taking.  Enter 'Judas,' the long-rumored second single that will properly kick off the 'Born This Way' album.

In true 2011 meta fashion, Gaga has chosen to drop hints and snippets of the song all over the damn place, and with news that the track will premiere on UK radio later this afternoon also comes a very long, very crappy clip.


Even with tons of noise and low-quality-ness going on it is amazing.  If nothing changed from this clip between this preview and its actual release it would still be in the top 15% of all music released this year in terms of quality and fantasticness.  Think 'Bad Romance' for 2011 and if 'Bad Romance' were better.