Saturday, June 5, 2010

Zarif shows us her 'Box of Secrets' in new vid - watch the up and comer's premiere now!

Zarif is one of ScopiSat's "ones to watch" this year, as the Brit singer/songwriter is gearing up to be quite big (and by "quite big" we mean "will scrape a top 75 hit out and impress all the critics without ever actually selling any records"). Zarif is from Harrow, London, which, incidentally is where ScopiSat lived and went to university. Oddly, Harrow is becoming a little hotbed of music activity - Jay Sean, Scouting For Girls, Kate Nash, and Lady Sovereign all hail from the suburb.

With her new single, Zarif takes the retro 80's movement and winds it back about 40 years to give us a swinging big band pop tune... With rap... while for the video, she has chosen to film inside a MAGIC PHOTO BOOTH where "things" happen and pictures are taken of those "things."

Here are those things:

Bonus points for using "that swing song everyone knows but no one can name" in the middle 8.

The album, 'Box of Secrets,' is out now.