Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Who'd like to preview Lady Gaga's new album? Well here you are then.

It would be surprising and a bit troubling to meet any person on this Earth who has not heard every track from Lady Gaga's debut album(s) at least several times.  For the Gaga machine this is both a good thing and a bad thing.  We're sure everyone is pleased as punch that her songs are so ubiquitous the world over, but with the star gearing up for a tour there's no chance for any new material to keep listeners interested anytime soon.  In this age of "out of sight, out of mind," this is a problem.  The solution?  Foist a dodgy remix album on everyone, of course.

Yes, following in the glorious and BEST-SELLING (read: hit number 6 in Belgium) footsteps of 'B In The Mix' and 'J To Tha L-O,' Gaga is taking a bunch of reworked version of old material and packaging it as something new.

Don't fret, though.  There are the standard rave-up, poppers-o-clock club versions of course, but some actual gems as well.  Take a listen to the sampler (featuring the UK-exclusive track listing) and see for yourself:

The album is out in Japan now, and drops May 3 (10th in the UK) everywhere else that matters except the US.  For those of us Stateside, it's amazon.co.uk time.