Friday, December 24, 2010

Kylie's new 'Santa Baby' video is steamy enough to melt the snow - watch now!

Rahhhh I am a monster!!!
Y'all already know that it's a red letter day for ScopiSat whenever Kylie comes out with something new - hell, we'd probably buy tickets to watch her do a shit as long as there were some screen projections and hot dancers - and today is no exception. 

K-mo is fast rivaling self-proclaimed Queen Of Christmas Mariah Carey in the "festive output" department this year, as after chucking out a brand new holiday song, 'Let It Snow', Kylie has GONE BACK IN TIME and given us a video for her old recording of 'Santa Baby' for some reason. 

There are no bells and whistles except for a GROUNDBREAKING (read: not groundbreaking at all) kaleidoscope effect that we think came for free on our MacBook Pro.  Sure, it's better than Mariah's disastrous 'Auld Sang Lyne' mess. But a three minutes of our grandmother singing 'The Time' would be better than that, so we suppose it's not the best measuring stick....

Long story short, it's Kylie sitting in a leotard by a tree and it is VERY GOOD.

kyliexmas from LOVE on Vimeo.