Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Is anyone else a bit sick of Lady Gaga pontificating?

....Just us then?

We get it.  Gaga's a huge star.  She has sold millions of records and holds the rapt attention of millions of gay hipsters the world over.  And to be fair what she's advocating in this video is quite a good thing - we here at ScopiSat are staunchly against Don't Ask, Don't Tell (we are a pop blog for chrissake).  But something about this video just rubs us the wrong way...

Maybe it's that she "addresses" it to specific members of the Senate of the United States of America, before "educating" them on what, exactly, Don't Ask, Don't Tell is.  Because, as members of the US Senate, they clearly don't know.

Maybe it's the SUPER SERIOUS voice she puts on while reading her script.

Maybe it's the (actually quite good looking) lip injections she CLEARLY had.

Or maybe we just need a break from the Lady for just a bit.

In any case, she got a lot of people talking about Don't Ask, Don't Tell, and regardless of how she did it, we're appreciative of that.  And let's not forget she showed up to the MTV Awards with a bunch of discharged gay servicemembers.  And gives (a lot of) money to (a lot of) great causes.  And in all actuality the rest of the video past the 2:00 mark is kind of good.   But still....

Let's just avoid the "talking down to elected officials" thing, shall we?