Thursday, March 18, 2010

Robyn would like to tell you that 'Fembots' have feelings too - listen to the first track from her new album!

Robyn.  Is.  Amazing.  After the whole "giant comeback during which she topped the charts with literally phenomenal music" thing, her new album is being awaited with quite palpable anticipation.  For good reason too, it seems, if this track is anything to go by.  'Fembots,' posted on Robyn's official site yesterday, is an electro masterpiece with a heart, and combines Robyn's trademark hip wordsmithery with her superior tune writing skills to create something that is greater than the sum of its parts and clearly better than anything Avril Lavigne has ever released.  Avril has nothing to do with this discussion, but we just like to remind everyone that she is terrible.

'Fembots' will be on Robyn's new album later this year, which will actually be THREE albums according to an interview she just did with Pitchfork:
“They’re albums with enough songs to make them feel like real bodies of work. They are shorter than usual, but still closer to ten songs than five… Right now I’m finishing the first one, which is going to come out in June. I’m already working on the second album so I hope that’ll come out sometime after the summer."