Saturday, August 29, 2009

It's Scopitone Saturday!!!

This week's Scopitone is Shani Wallis' passionate ode to 'men' and all the good things about 'men' in which she sings about the 'long ones' and the 'short ones' and then gets drunk and rides away in a bus. In short, it is amazing.

As a side note, far be it from ScopiSat to label anyone, but our guess is Shani's out of luck with most of the boys in this video :(

Team Waterpolo are Letting Go

A nice little indie-pop jam came out this week, called 'Letting Go' by Team Waterpolo. They do not play waterpolo, but they are a 'team' in the sense that band members depend on each other to succeed and they're 'all in it together' etc etc. Long story short, the song is quite listenable and the keyboard player is quite fit. When we say 'quite fit' we mean that our first thought when we saw the video was 'shame about the lead singer, but at least they got a model to mouth along with the words' but it is not a model, it is an ACTUAL MEMBER OF THE BAND.

Out now on Sony Records in the UK

Update: the drummer is hot too