Friday, December 4, 2009

Kylie set to release 'Live in New York' album; New Speakerphone mix with live video - listen now!

ScopiSat was one of the lucky few who saw Kylie at her Hammerstein Ballroom show here in New York City, and we can tell you it was LITERALLY AMAZING.  Luckily for everyone who didn't catch it, Miss M is releasing the creatively titled 'Live In New York,' an album of the entire NYC show.  To celebrate/cross-promote, Kylie's put up a brand new studio mix of the tour version of 'Speakerphone' which is very very good.  Some superfan has taken an impressive array of clips from the For You, For Me tour and synced them to the studio mix.  It is very good. 

'Live in New York' is out Dec. 14 for download in the US, UK and Worldwide, and will apparently include three studio mixes:  Speakerphone, Come Into My World, and Light Years.  Amazing.