Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Hot Chip and some shirtless men say 'I Feel Better' in their...bizarre new video - watch now!

Hot Chip are hardly the most mainstream of pop bands.  This is a fact that goes without saying.  ScopiSat was under the impression 'Ready For The Floor' was sung by a woman (think that lady from Everything But The Girl who sang 'Missing') only to find some weeks later that it was actually warbled by a bearded hipster with an affinity for stripy clothes.  So in the end we weren't really far off the mark, but that's neither here nor there. 

The point is, Hot Chip are a bit strange and their new video is sort of a brilliant incarnation of everything they stand for.  It also features some very fit men taking their tops off.  Do with that what you will.

For its part, the song is a pretty standard Hot Chip affair.  A thumping but hipster-friendly beat layered with a shaky vocal that leaves the listener thinking 'I'm sure he could actually sing if he would just TRY, for chrissake,' and, when taken as a whole, is actually quite good.  Not quite as good as some of their other tunes, but the band has been busy writing for Kylie so we'll give them a pass for phoning this one in. 

Hot Chip - I Feel Better

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