Wednesday, June 22, 2011

It's BRITNEY VS XTINA IN LAST NIGHTS POP-OFF - watch their stuff now

We love each other, y'all

Last night was a VERY BIG NIGHT for teen pop divas-turned adult pop divas.  Not only did we get the first performance of Xtina's new single with Adam Levine, but Britney decided to one-up her and chuck out her own slick new video.

First up we had good ol' Christina, trudging her caboose out on stage for the last few seconds of Maroon 5's new single her new track with Maroon 5, 'Moves Like Jagger' on which she is NOT AT ALL AN AFTERTHOUGHT.  This song is actually growing on us - a bit like a fungus - but it's not like Chrissy has anything to do with that.  She's literally featured for about three seconds, during which she does some vocal runs and proves, ONCE AGAIN, that she can "saaang."  Still, it's very good and will hopefully set her down the road to musical recovery. 

Shall we take a look? Yes, we shall - but first, a warning - for the first .5 seconds of this video you will see the face of Carson Daly.  We apologize.

Not one to be outdone by her former rival, soon after the announcement that 'Jagger' would be performed last night, Brit Brit tweeted her intention to debut the brand new video for 'I Wanna Go.'  We already raved about the preview, in which she wears ironic things, stands by an ironic sign, and slashes paparrazzi with a microphone.  Ironically.  It's all RATHER GOOD INDEED if you can get over her one eye trying to get off her face.  Seriously, her makeup people can't fix that?  Whatever, it's still awesome and the rest of her looks hot.  Plus, flashing kids on the street is always cool. 

So did it live up to our expectations?  Yes.  Yes it did.