Monday, June 7, 2010

Kylie has made the best album of the year so far, hands down - listen to the 'Aphrodite' album sampler now!

Want to hear the sound of the summer?  Then watch the video sampler below.  It seems to be the same megamix she performed at NYC's Splash bar this weekend.  Kylie's 'Aphrodite' seems to be exactly what everyone has been saying all along - a brilliant dance record with a cohesive and slick sound that 'X' didn't have.  The project sounds musically a bit like her 'Fever' heyday and it surprisingly - and refreshingly - sidesteps the retro 80's vibe that is being summarily run into the ground by nearly every pop starlet out there at the moment, in favor of a completely modern and forward sound.   

What do you readers think?  Actually, never mind what you think.  It's brilliant and we won't stand for any opinions to the contrary. 

Ok so the Vengaboys are actually back now. Watch 'Rocket To Uranus' now!

So ScopiSat wrote a whole treatise on the Vengaboys comeback a while ago (we'd link to it but we're late for a thing already) but it was all done with the express assumption that it wouldn't ACTUALLY HAPPEN. But now there can be no denying it. They are actually, truly back.
In the 'buzz' leading up to the release there was much ado (read: an article on the Vengaboys' official site) about a "celebrity" making an appearance in the video. We are totally on board with crossover projects like this, but - as we said then - only when it is not Perez Hilton. :(

Regardless of the Perez thing, it's nice to have the 'boys back on the scene, even if it is with a kind of crap song and ....*shudder*... Perez.