Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Robyn asks you to 'Hang With Me' on new single - listen to the brand new radio version now!

Apologies for the lack of posts recently.  ScopiSat is currently studying for next Tuesday's Bar Exam - which, for our foreign readers, is a two-day test given after law school that must be passed before a you can become a practicing lawyer, for the apparent sole purpose of destroying any flicker of joy or happiness that may still exist within you - and 13 hour days of studying are not conducive to pop-blogging.  Having said that, we are of the opinion that pop music exists to encourage and nurture the very gaiety that the exam seeks to eradicate, so every so often we take a tiny little break and check out what's going on in popland.  In fact, ScopiSat's 'future article' folder is bursting at the seams with a variety of pop nuggets that we just don't have the time to tell you about, but rest assured that we will be back to our old selves again just as soon as this whole nightmare is over.  Until then you'll have to make do with only the absolute necessities that we stumble across during our "sanity breaks."  Necessities like this new Robyn track, which we have managed to play 3x already today despite having 9 hours of practice essays to write or something ridiculous like that.  THAT IS HOW COMMITTED WE ARE TO POP. 

First of all, we love Robyn.  Ever since we rocked out to 'Show Me Love' while lugging our Trapper Keeper and slap bracelets to school (yeah we're gay, get over it) way back in the day, she has been churning out consistently great music except for a couple things in the 90's but we will just ignore all that.  The winning streak continues with her epic reworking of ballad 'Hang With Me,' which originally was an acoustic track at the end of her 'Body Talk Pt 1' album/EP thing.  It's the next single, and it is quite good.  Will it go on to rule the charts?  Probably not, because no one has any taste anymore, but at least all of us pop fans can light up a little inside every time it comes up on our iPods.