Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Wait so the Nicole Scherzinger thing is still happening? Watch 'Don't Hold Your Breath's premiere now!

"Not Kim Kardashian"
Nicole Scherzinger has had such a time of it, hasn't she?  First she was TERRIBLY OVERSHADOWED by all those other Pussycat Dolls (this is a joke and we actually mean the opposite of what we said) and then she made some average songs that performed at a WELL BELOW AVERAGE LEVEL (this is NOT a joke).

Well, any dedicated ScopiSat reader - (i.e. the one individual in Sofia, Bulgaria who keeps accessing our site from a prison (!!) ) - will know that it's all turned around a bit for our girl Nikki as of late.  She did that thing with Enrique that charted ok in Europe, and then chucked out the ACTUALLY BRILLIANT 'Poison' which went top 3 in England.

One and a half hits firmly under her body-minimizing belt, and not one to rest on her surgically-augmented laurels, Miss S has decided to follow up 'Poison' with an almost-as-good track called 'Don't Hold Your Breath.'  We were going to do a whole thing about how the title of the song is probably the punchline to an inside joke at the record label that goes something like:

Overpaid Executive 1:  "Do you think Nicole's album will hit number 1?"
Overpaid Executive 2:  "Don't hold your breath!"
Overpaid Executives 1 and 2:  "hahahahaha"

But that would be mean.

Nicole Scherzinger - Don't Hold Your Breath (Official Music)
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