Tuesday, November 17, 2009

The Saturdays want you to check your 'Ego' - watch the full new video now!

ScopiSat was less than impressed with the Saturdays' last Kelly Clarksonish shouty single but thankfully the girls have dialed down the angst with new track 'Ego.'  It's all superheros and villains and DRAMATIC REVEALS OF CLEAVAGE and has more in the way of plot than every Girls Aloud video combined.  

Out on January 4 on Fascination

Beyonce and Lady Gaga mess up your 'Video Phone' - watch the video now!

Ok so by now most everyone that cares has seen the 'Video Phone' er...video.  It goes without saying that the song is utter crap, but the video does have some interesting bits.  Such as:

1.  When Beyonce dances around in a Princess Leia bikini like she's in a TLC video
2.  When Lady Gaga appears for NO REASON
3.  The end bit where Beyonce looks like Bettie Page and pulls it off
4.  The blatant SuperSoaker sponsorship deal that funded this whole debacle

3/10  See me after class.