Saturday, April 17, 2010

Lolene's video has hot tattoed men, bad acting and some very good music - watch 'Electrick Hotel' now!

Lolene is an artist based in the US but hailing from the UK, in the first wave of what is sure to be a genre-mashing hybrid factory of British R&B/electro and US assemblyline pop.  Now that Estelle, Lily Allen, Taio Cruz and the like have made Brit culture, attitude and style trendy in mainstream US music, a growth industry has popped up.  It makes sense - US audiences get a hint of the exotic and get to pretend they know what Ribena is, and UK artists - once confined to the limey shores of their homeland by their unique slang and cultural references - have become exotic imports. 

Lolene is one of the forerunners leading the new British invasion, bringing her quirky style and sassiness to some very listenable pop tunes.  In a kind of warning shot to the music world, she has put out this preview video, highlighting tracks from her forthcoming album in a kind of cool way.  Check it out below - the acting is terrible but the men are hot and tattoed so it's ok.

With her buzz track 'Sexy People' already a top 5 dance hit in the US, and first official single 'Rich (Fake It Til You Make It)' ready for release next week, our guess is we will be hearing a lot more from this girl.

'Rich' is out Tuesday, with the album to come this summer