Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Nerina Pallot's new video is really just an ad for the new Kylie album - watch now!

We love Nerina Pallot.  We really do.  But as soon as we heard she was working with Kylie on her new album, Nerina's own LP, 'The Graduate,' ceased to be about Ms. Pallot and began to be one big advert for the new Ms. Minogue.  Nerina penned the brilliant 'Better Than Today,' which Kylie debuted on her US tour, and has kept herself busy recording some delightful ditties as well.  Unfortunately, 'I Don't Want To Go Out' doesn't scream 'HIT SINGLE', and is unlikely to break Nerina's run of non-charting tracks.  Still, cute video though. 

Out March 1st in the UK