Friday, October 2, 2009


It's what every gay and hanger-on has been waiting for ever since the reissue of Lady Gaga's 'The Fame' was announced.  It is unfortunately par for the course for Miss Gaga, but fortunately par for the course for Miss Gaga is quite good. 

Not bad, except for when there is a man talking over it for no reason

The song you will be humming until you off yourself just to 'make the music stop'

This would be filed under 'song of the summer' except it is no longer summer and Miley already ran off with that label months ago.  So instead, here is a video of a song that is Eurotrash, annoying, and pretty much already came out in the form of that 'Numa Numa' song, but that you also will be singing to yourself for the next week.  It is called 'Mm-Ma-Ma' because those are words now apparently. 

We have nothing else to say so we will now cut and paste part of the 'Music Video Plot' Wikipedia entry:

"A fashion show is happening but the audience is very bored. Backstage, the fashion director is helping one of the women in the show with her outfit. They both smell something, and Crazy Loop comes in wearing a pizza delivery outfit, delivering a pizza. The woman tries to get a taste, but the fashion director forbids her and tries the pizza himself. However, the director dislikes it and spits it in the trash."


Out October 12 on PopLife.