Monday, March 14, 2011

Kelly Rowland is once again going to be the sound of the summer - listen to her new jam now

Can YOU spot the one that doesn't belong?

Kelly Rowland, the failed TV show host who was in a girl group or something back in the 2000's, has really got this "summer smash" thing down, hasn't she?  First it was 2009's 'When Love Takes Over,' then last summer's 'Commander.'  And now Miss Rowland has unveiled what is sure to be the unescapable soundtrack to the warmer months of 2011: a poppers-o-clock, hands-in-the-air, shirts-off/glitter-on, BONA FIDE JAM called  'What A Feeling.'

And WHAT A FEELING IT IS.  Kelly certainly knows what tracks she does best, and those are middle-of-the-road dance anthems that will please the gays and most of Europe, but don't rock the musical boat in the least.  She's also smart enough to know that she doesn't quite have the credibility to sell a club track on her own, so she's once again paired up with hot DJ David Guetta Alex Gaudino.

The track is all POUNDING and BOUNCING and KELLY YELLING INTO A MICROPHONE but in a "musical way" and will undoubtedly have some sort of fantastically camp video to accompany it just in time for Memorial Day.  So, essentially what we're getting is 'Commander Mk II,' but we're pretty sure that the throngs of shirtless men on Fire Island who file their tax returns as "Gap Sales Associate - slash - Broadway actor" won't mind.