Friday, August 28, 2009

Backstreet Boys go Straight Through My Heart

Really? Vampires? Really?

Still a quite good song though.

Madonna Celebration video - now this is more like it

Leave it to Mantis-arms to turn two outright disasters into something literally amazing with 16 seconds of moving around a bit in a box.

Well done, how could we have ever doubted you, etc etc

New Kylie Video! Miss M gets Chiggy with it

Ages ago the interwebs were all abuzz with Kylie's Bollywood debut, and finally we have the first taste of what is in store. There's a part where a man runs up on stage and Kylie is all smiles and happiness and ends up dancing and singing with the man. Lets just say things happened a bit differently when ScopiSat tried the same at her X2008 tour last year... Anyhow, as far as the song: It's all very, well, Bollywood, but as far as we're concerned Miss M can do no wrong. Thoughts?

Menya covers 3OH!3

The final of three promo covers this week from Menya leading up to their new single is a response to 3OH!3's 'Don't Trust Me.' It's a bit like the original except good.

Only 3 days until the new Menya single!