Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Robyn is 'Indestructible' on new single; new album out in Nov - listen now!

So apparently every time Robyn releases a touching, stripped down ballad, we can all count on it being rereleased a few weeks later in the form of an EPIC PULSATING SINGLE that will, in that way that only a Robyn single can do, reduce each and every one of us to tears as we thrust our hips around the dancefloor wildly sloshing vodka/crans all over the bachelorette party that is taking up the whole corner even though they have no business being in a gay bar anyway.

Yes, it's that time again - Robyn's third installment of the 'Body Talk' series is being readied, and to promote it she (her people) have chosen (made the arbitrary decision) to rerelease the tender orchestral ballad 'Indestructible' from Body Talk pt 2.  It's pretty much par for the course, as she did the same thing with 'Hang With Me,' but 'Hang With Me' was amazing so she gets a pass.

As for the album itself, it will break away from the format of 'Talk' parts 1 and 2, by including 5 songs from each past installment and 5 brand new tracks.  So, in essence, we've all really just wasted our time with the whole 3-part thing because come November 29 we can buy all the best tracks from the first collections and 5 new (likely QUITE GOOD) songs all in one go, but whatever we're fine with it.

Here's the original version of 'Indestructible':

EDIT:  And the update:

Indestructible by robyn