Sunday, July 11, 2010

Kylie performs new single 'Get Outta My Way' at G-A-Y! Watch now!

Things have been very good in Kylie land as of late.  'All The Lovers' met expectations, but no one really expected its parent album 'Aphrodite' to make quite the impact it has.  Set to debut at the top of anywhere from eight to fifteen album charts this week, the new set has certainly come out swinging.  Perhaps most surprisingly - and impressively - the LP looks to enter the Billboard U.S. Albums Top 200 near or inside the top 20.  For those keeping track, this would be K-mo's first top 40 album since 'Fever,' and her second highest charting album ever in the country.  Even 'Body Language,' with a top 100 single ('Slow') could only manage a peak of #42, and, like the JFK assassination, we ALL remember where we were when 'X' came in at #139.  'Aphrodite,' however, peaked at #3 on iTunes and has been knocking around the top 10 all week.  Not bad for a record with virtually no promotion and a single that has been largely ignored.  Thanks to the surprising success of the album, and more specifically of the track 'Get Outta My Way,' which has been in the top 200 iTunes downloads in the U.S. since the album's release, camp Kylie seems to be set to launch the song as the first "real" American single.  Rumblings of some excellent mainstream mixes and even U.S. promo have stateside fans titillated, but for now we will all have to make do with this blazing live performance from last night's G-A-Y show. 

Just a heads up, it is VERY GOOD.