Tuesday, November 29, 2011

The Pierces are 'Kissing You Goodbye' with some hot dude in their new video

"I saw you in those Asos ads!"
Ok so we just found out about The Pierces like 2 days ago from ScopiSubject Derek, and already the duo is chucking out RATHER AMAZING videos featuring RATHER ATTRACTIVE men.  To be fair, the band - which consists of two sisters - has had what most indie acts would call a "banner year," so it's not like they came out of nowhere, but the buzz surrounding them has certainly reached an apparent critical mass.

Born in Alabama in the 70's, the pair of girls (Ed: NO ONE CARES, MOVE ON) The duo do very good pop music and that's all that really matters.  Our extensive Wikipedia-ing told us a great deal about the band, most importantly that what they do is called "psychedelic folk rock" which in our mind is pretty much just Madonna's 'Don't Tell Me' played really slowly after a night of tripping on cough medicine, but we suppose it could actually be a real music genre too. 

In any case, the girls are stylish, the video is appropriately low-budget and grimey (and starts quite brilliantly with the refrain of Irving Berlin's 'Sisters'), and as a bonus there's a hot tattooed male model in it.  Also the video is for a pretty decent tune as well, so that's always a plus.

Here's 'Kissing You Goodbye':