Saturday, August 15, 2009

Alan Carr, David Walliams and Natalie Imbruglia make our favorite video EVER

There's really nothing to be said about this video, shot on the set of the video for Natalie's buzz-track (no, for the last time it's not the new single) 'Mad About It.' It is all at once mindblowingly brilliant and deeply endearing and perhaps most importantly it is ABSOLUTELY AMAZING.

Update: Go to and click on videos. There are many more and they are very, very worth it.

VV Brown marches in a different direction

Here's the new video from one of ScopiSat's favorite acts of the moment, the hotly-tipped VV Brown. One of the charms of VV (Is that a proper first name? Or does it have to be VV Brown? Or just V? Ms. Brown?) is that her image and music tip their hat to the 50's/60's and unfortunately, besides her signature fringe, that seems to have been pushed to the side on this one. Her last single 'Shark in the Water' didn't fly to the top but didn't overtly bomb either, so apparently the next step is trotting out a by-the-numbers (but still pretty damn good) R&B kicker to get everyone's attention. It's all well and good for now, but lets hope she soon returns to what she does best

The album 'Traveling Like the Light' is out now on Island Records in the UK, and will eventually be out on Capitol in the US.

The Backstreet Boys' new single is disturbingly alright

Ok so ScopiSat is totally torn on this one. One hand would love to see the BSB thing crash and burn in an epic crapstorm of MOR balladry and performances on shows like 'Loose Women' and on the Oxygen network. The other hand is totally rooting for the boys to come back and be AMAZING and somehow the latter hand seems to inexplicably have won out. This song is flat out great, in that it sounds just like twenty other songs that are topping the charts right now but is sung by the BACKSTREET BOYS, and since the U.S. never got on board with the Take That comeback there is certainly room for a nice boyband jam out there.

Decide for yourself but, shame and self-loathing aside, ScopiSat is downloading the track on Aug. 18th when it comes out in the US. The UK gets it the 28th of September.

It's Scopitone Saturday!!

It is Saturday and time for the Scopitone of the week. This week's selection is perhaps the best specimen ever produced - it features GIRLS, GIRLS IN BIKINIS, GIRLS IN BIKINIS IN WEBS and A WITCH DOCTOR.

Literally a moment that defined pop culture for about three minutes in the sixties.