Friday, September 10, 2010

Our new obsession is Die Antwoord - prepare to be very very confused

Sometimes things are good.  Sometimes things are bad.  Sometimes things are so bad they are good, or vice versa, and sometimes things are so TERRIFYINGLY STRANGE that they defy any categorization whatsoever and explode your brain into a fine white powder that Ke$ha would pay a lot of good money for.

This is the latter.  The Ke$ha cokewhore one.  It is a thing called Die Antwoord and it is South African, but not in a 'District 9' mainstream-y way.  More in a "some people in the southernmost reaches of the African continent are BATSHIT INSANE and have made a music video that defies all coherent thought" way. 

The group has put out a couple tracks (notably, one called 'Fish Paste') but this particular gem of mental instability is called 'Enter The Ninja' - Ninja being the name of the lead male rapper, and thus a QUITE CLEVER play on the phrase if they do say so themselves.  It is quite literally stunning, in that one can't help but sit in an uneasy stupor for several full minutes after watching the clip, but there's a raw (crazy) and obvious (crazy) talent there that suggests we might be hearing a lot more from these guys.