Thursday, September 15, 2011

The Nicola Roberts train rolls on even though it has no passengers - see the 'Sticks And Stones' lyric video premiere now!

"I can't see anything you my album doing well??"
It is a fact that some of the best, most deserving acts in pop history have been largely overlooked, just as it is also a fact that some of the least deserving acts have gained the most success.

Pictured:  the latter.

Unfortunately, it seems that trend shows no signs of stopping, as Nicola Roberts - the BRILLIANT Nicola Roberts - gears up to launch her debut solo album 'Cinderella's Eyes' next week.  Lead single 'Beat Of My Drum,' despite being refreshing and different and not at all like anything else on the radio, bombed outside the top 20 because it was refreshing and different and not at all like anything else on the radio.  Follow up, and current single, 'Lucky Day,' has made even less impact, though it's not actually released til tomorrow so it could still surprise everyone and be a top 5 smash or something.  (it won't.) 

On the surface it seems like everything was done right, too.  A genius marketing plan, pitting Nic against the other Girls Aloud solo success, Cheryl Cole, was particularly inspired, with 'Team Ginge' shirts showing up everywhere from high street shops to Paul O'Grady's back.  The artwork and imagery was kind of spectacular as well, and with a newsworthy rivalry and a high-fashion-hooker look in tow, Miss Roberts was ready to be launched into the pop stratosphere.  And then ....nothing happened. 

Womp womp.

In any case, Nicola's people are still trucking along with the promo, as now we see the debut of a lyric video for album track 'Sticks and Stones.'  It's all sad and weepy and woe-is-me-except-not-really-because-I-am-a-popstar-and-you-are-not, and is VERY GOOD INDEED in a "very good album track but not at all a single" kind of way. 

So take a listen, buy 'Lucky Day' tomorrow, and get the album when it comes out next week.  Because the gingers are counting on your support.  And if you don't do as they say, they'll come after you. 

Yes.  Yes they will.