Friday, February 10, 2012

Katy Perry will not give up until she beats Michael Jackson - listen to her new single 'Part of Me' now!

"Sir I'm afraid this is for first class passengers only"
Oh Katy Perry.

Maybe it's her ruthless and insatiable desire for success.  Maybe it's that she just broke up with her husband and wants to prove he's missing out.  Or maybe she's just a vapid cog in her management team's moneymaking scheme.  But regardless of the reason, Katy is soldiering on in her quest to shatter the record for most number 1 singles from an album.  And that, friends, means 'Teenage Dream' is getting re-released, BECAUSE OF COURSE IT IS.

'Teenage Dream: The Complete Confection" is the star's last ditch attempt at landing a giant, noteworthy chart record of her very own.  She recently tied none other than THE ACTUAL MICHAEL JACKSON, who until recently was the only artist in history to notch 5 number ones from a single LP, but obviously Katy won't settle for second best unless we're talking about men or album producers. 

It almost happened a couple weeks ago, but things didn't go quite as planned for 'The One That Got Away,' Katy's last single, though it did make it all the way to #3 before it sputtered out.  But NEVER FEAR, POP FANS - since the words "flogged to death" mean nothing in this day and age, the entire parent album is being retooled, some mixes added, and of course, it will feature a BRAND NEW TRACK which may very well set the charts alight.

Whether new single 'Part Of Me' will hit the top is still to be determined, of course, but even if it does it will likely have a dubious place in the record books.  Does having 6 #1 singles from an album really count if one of them wasn't even on the album in the first place? (everyone: "NO.")

Our guess is Katy Perry's management thinks so, and so will just about every press release that Capitol Records chucks out for the next year if they pull this thing off.

In any case, the new track is "very good" in that way that Katy Perry songs are "very good" if you like Katy Perry.  If you don't, you probably aren't reading this post anyway, so we'll just save the typing and get right to the preview:

"so there's that then."