Monday, September 12, 2011

Wynter Gordon GOES FOR THE GAYS (again) in "Buy My Love" video - watch now!

Oh hayyyy
Wynter Gordon is a dance/pop woman who has been knocking around doing some kind of fabulous things for a few years now.  She topped the US charts on Flo Rida's 'Sugar' in 2009, and then kind of disappeared from mainstream view.  But Wynter didn't go anywhere - she had a couple hits on the dance charts and an inexplicably huge hit in Australia for no reason, and in the process built up quite a buzz as the NEW FIERCE DANCE DIVA (finger snap, wurq, etc.) on the block.

And with all that buzz behind her (and a pretty damn hot behind behind her too) she's ready to claim her tiara and sash as the hot new thing.  Her new single - meant to properly launch her US EP "With The Music I Die" - is called "Buy My Love" and it is KIND OF TREMENDOUS.

It's 80's but in a fun way, it's dancy in a pop way, and it's also got a video that is as hip as it is retro IN A LITERALLY AMAZING WAY. It finds Wynter and her friend, played by Robin Williams' daughter (because why not?) shopping in a clothing store and singing about how much they love money and then dancing sexually about how much they love money and then buying things with money but being kind of slutty about it.

It's essentially Madonna's 'Material Girl' but with more minorities.  And it is AMAZING.